The main activity of our business is the mechanical design for various industry sectors (SEE RESUME)

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We are able to work-out:

  • designs for the realization of special-purpose machines.
  • designs for mass production standard products.
  • engineering of production processes through layout execution.
  • dimensioning of components or mechanical systems that are not provided with a drawing archive.
  • production checks (assembly, mechanical processing, inspection) etc.

Moreover, we offer our experience in the preparation of patent practices and we have already obtained many patents on industrial property.

We put to our Customers’ disposal:

  • hardware and software design tools.
  • metrology tools (both analog and digital measuring tools), which can be interfaced to our laptops.
  • laptops designed to carry out design work at the customer’s premises.
  • means and equipment to carry out assembly and maintenance operations.

Sometimes the dimensioning of a series of machine components is useful to carry out a theoretical study of a repair or maintenance intervention, especially if there are no spare parts available. Our deep knowledge in “workshop mechanics”, stemming from the experience acquired over the years, make us extremely aware and skillful when executing design assessments namely as to the production, assembly, and maintenance of machineries, mechanical systems or simple machine components. The opportunity to go to the Customer’s premises bringing our equipment often meets the Customer’s temporary need for an additional collaborator with dedicated equipment.

If the Customers don’t have at their disposal internal technical departments, we can supply them with detailed projects, create the operating procedures to be followed for production processes, give indications to the subcontractors for specific processing, provide the list of the components to be purchased to complete the product manufacture, thus creating the data archive necessary for the product manufacture.

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